Why Adventures?

I’ve set out to write a blog about travelling and activities with young children. One child, in particular: my daughter, Evey.
From the day she was born, we’ve valued taking Evey out and acclimatising her to new places. It’s not always easy. In fact, there have been times that it is downright stressful. But we continue to get out there, enjoy life, and help Evey to enjoy as well.
We are ever surprised by her tolerance, her good naturedness, and her ability to adapt.
Despite the occasional
stress, meltdown or difficulty, I see the daily benefit on Evey to be in the world. To absorb everything she sees. That little brain is working overtime to understand what she sees, and she wears interest and intrigue on her face.
I hope this blog encourages other young families to have the confidence to get out there, to immerse their children at a very young age in experiences that will shape their lives.

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