At least we’re dressed and out of the house…

Last Saturday we were invited to attend a friend’s Great Gatsby themed 30th Birthday party. We LOVE to dress-up, so naturally we accepted and planned our outfits to match the theme.
Chris was working in the garage until about 30 minutes before we had to leave, so I kept busy inside getting ready. This included showering with Evey on her play mat in the bathroom, then showering with Evey so she would be fresh for the party. It also meant some fancy time management skills as I balanced entertaining her, feeding her, and somehow doing my makeup, hair, and getting dressed. It was a 3 hour marathon. I should have asked for help, but Chris hadn’t had alot of time in his garage lately, so I wanted to give him that time.
We all looked amazing when we left the house. I was wearing a flapper-girl style dress, a feather fascinator and lots of perals. Chris had on a black suit, bow tie and fedora. We were QUITE the dapper couple ;).
By the time we were ready to go, I tried to time Evey’s diaper change and feeding so that she would be content for the 45 minute drive to our friend’s place. I dressed her in this adorable black dress with swans on it and white tights with roushing on the bum. She had a pink flower headband on and was so ready for her first dress-up party!
On the way, we realized we needed to stop for gas. Evey had fallen asleep, and immediately woke up when we were at the station.
Then we had promised to bring a veggie tray. We drove over to the grocery store to get the veggie tray and some sandwiches because we didn’t eat dinner and there would only be snacks at the party.
Somehow, when we came out of the store, it had already been 1.5 hrs since we left home, and we were only 10 minutes from home!
We hoped Evey would fall asleep in the car again, but no such luck. She began wailing. We figured it would be wise to pull over to feed her and change her before continuing on. So we stopped at a park up the street from the grocery store.
I fed her in the back seat, then Chris changed her in the front seat. As he was changing her, she peed and got it all over her pretty little outfit. I searched her diaper bag for clean clothes. We dressed her in a Minnie Mouse Onesie. Not 1920’s garb, but it’s all I brought. We didn’t even get a picture of her in her pretty outfit.
Slightly defeated, we got back in the car and kept on track to the party.
Evey wailed the whole 45 minute ride, and I sat in the back trying to distract her. Needless to say, we were worn out when we got to the party. Evey’s mood improved the moment we got out of the car.
In the end, we had a great time, and Evey slept in the car on the ride home. Chris took off the fedora and bow tie, and I took off the fascinator that was pinching my head. When we got home, we realized we didn’t get ANY family photos of us all looking dapper in our costumes. At that point, we were exhausted and happy to have gotten out of the house, figuring at least we did it and at least we were dressed!