Movies with Baby

Movies with

I feel lucky to have a movie theatre nearby that hosts Wednesday movie days for parents and babies. It’s a great opportunity to get out of the house, watch some current movies and eat some movie popcorn ( because who doesn’t like the popcorn they have at the movies, am I right?).

Here’s a confession: I was anxious to go to the movies with my baby. The thought of carting ourselves out to a dark, loud place with my newborn was daunting. I didn’t want her to disturb the other movie goers. I didn’t want to have to leave half way through because she was having a fit. I certainly didn’t know what she would do for 2 hours while mommy tried to enjoy a movie.
Still, wanting to experience it at least once, and coming to terms with the possibility of having to leave the theatre if things got too bad, my mom and I packed up and headed for the theatre.

Our theatre does pretty well by us. They have 2 films to choose from every Wednesday. Droves of parents and grandparents come out. The theatre sets up change tables, microwaves, kettles and stroller parking.
The movies they play are geared to the parents, not the babies, but they play them less loudly and they dim the lights as apposed to turning them off completely ( because you have to at least be able to SEE baby!).

So, there we were in the theatre. Evey was happy to be out (as usual), & sat on my lap very attentively. She mostly looked around at all the people, but occasionally stared at the screen, too.
Then the movie started. Everything was calm in the theatre. Most babies were content and sleeping. Evey quickly fell asleep on my lap.
Within about 20 min, though: different story. All of a sudden it was baby orchestra! I don’t think there was 1 baby in that theatre that wasn’t fussing. Not crying, but just being noisy. You know what? It didn’t matter! The more someone else’s kid made noise, the less guilty I felt about mine. We were all parents of young babies, out at a theatre in the middle of the day. We understood each other’s situations, and we were having a great time.
The last 20 min of the film were probably the toughest. The movie was maybe a bit long for most of the babies, and they all started to get restless. But when the movie ended and we all pilled out of the theatre, I felt good. I felt proud of having taken that step and even better about having worried for nothing.
This baby thing can be tricky. It takes confidence and a little risk-taking to get out there, but the rewards are there. I’m slowly getting my baby confidence, and these baby-friendly events are just the beginning.

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