Hip Hop is for the Children


We just got back from the 12th annual House of PainT Festival in Ottawa, Ont.
We’ve been to the festival for the past 7 years, but this is our first time taking Evey.
We love House of PainT because it represents all 4 elements of hip hop (Graffiti, Breakdancing, DJ’ing, MC’Ing), and is a true grassroots festival focused on uplifting the community it is a part of.
It occurs under a bridge and next to a river. It’s actually a legal Graffiti wall designated by the city, and artists come from all over Canada to participate in both the Graf and BBoy/Girl competitions.
The vibe is so unique, and it always feels like you’ve stumbled upon a little gem of a street party.
It was raining most of the day (I can only remember 1 House of PainT it didn’t rain), so we bundled Evey up in her warmest toque and sound-cancelling headphones and braved the weather. The saving grace for the festival is that it is under a bridge, so no matter the weather, you’ll be mostly dry.

Evey was quite relaxed and the headphones did wonders. She loved watching the breakdancers, mesmerized by their foot work and rhythm. We might have a mini breakdancer in training!



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