You’re 6 months old today, baby girl


You’re 6 months old today, baby girl.
It sounds cliché:
Where has the time gone?
Feels like yesterday.
But today you are half a year old.
1/2 a year wiser.
You’ve learned more skills in these months than I have in 10 years.
You’ve captured my heart with those 6 months of yours.
You’ve endeared me to you, eternally. There’s no letting go.
These past months are a whirlwind.
So much change and growth.
I think of how fragile. How squirmy and cold.
I recall the days you slept.
We wondered if you would ever wake up!
I remember the tears. Yours and mine.
I remember the pain. Mostly mine.
And today, on your 6 months, I am witness to a person.
A little person with a strong will, a growing sense of humour, a smile that makes people stop and stare.
You’ve been in our lives for 6 months, baby girl, and somehow it feels like life didn’t start until we had you.

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