My dear daughter,
I hope you read this when you are older.
Some people have asked why we would plan a big trip with you, when you are too young to remember.
You’ll be 7 months old when we go to SE Asia for 2 months.
While they might not understand, I’d like to ask you these questions now:
Do you remember when I was pregnant with you and sang to you? When daddy spoke to my belly, and you responded with kicks?
Do you remember the moments after your birth, when I fought to have you skin to skin, after a difficult delivery?
Do you remember the hours daddy spent holding you, rocking you, and keeping you warm in the hospital?
The trip to the emergency room when you were just 4 days old?
Do you remember the day trips with Nana, starting when you were just 1 week old?
Can you even picture the hours we’ve spent reading to you, singing to you, speaking to you. If we could count, they would be many.
And why did we do it, then, if you wouldn’t remember?
Some might ask ‘what’s the point?’.
We do all these things to build your understanding. We do them to help you grow. We do them because we like to see you pondering, learning how the world works.
And because we’d like you to have a wide view of the world, and how wonderous it really is.
But we also do it because we want to. It is our life, and you are a part of it,  and what would our life be if it’s most important part was missing?

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