They brought their baby to a concert?


Yes, we did.
We weren’t sure if we should. We almost didn’t. Then we decided: yes, we will bring our 4 month old to an outdoor NaS concert. If it’s a disaster, we’ll come home. If it’s not, we will have successfully attended a concert with our baby.

Seriously, though, I was so nervous about what other people would think that I almost cancelled the whole outing. I put off purchasing the tickets and nearly talked myself out of it. I thought we would appear to be irresponsible parents, bringing our baby to a loud environment way past her bedtime. Further, I had no idea where we would change her, much less breastfeed her.
In the end, we decided to take the chance. We wanted to go to the concert, and our daughter is exclusively breastfed (read: refuses to take a bottle), so if we were going, she would have to come too.
All of my fears were completely unfounded. We were happy to find out from one of the help desks that we had unfettered access to the museum next-door for access to a change table, and, turned out, a breastfeeding room, as well! To top it off, it provided a much needed air conditioned break where we could care for our baby in comfort.
We were then able to make it to the concert stage we wanted, no problem. Everything was accessible for our stroller, and baby kept her sound-cancelling headphones on the whole time. We knew they were working when the show started with a BANG and she didn’t even flinch.
We got so much attention for having baby in tow, but it was all positive. People stopped what they were doing to come over and shake my husband’s hand and congratulate him. It was pretty unexpected!
Most importantly, our child had a blast! She was all smiles the entire time, and wasn’t phased by the crowds.
We were very proud to have gone and to have had the opportunity to see the concert, even with a newborn.
I sense it is just the beginning of unconventional activities with baby…

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