I was all wrong about parenthood

I have a confession:
I was all wrong about parenthood.
I thought parenthood would ground me.
I thought it would force me into a lifestyle of the 9 – 5, soccer mom van, play group ad infinitum.
I definitely feared I would slide into boredom and resent my life.
I thought it would change me.
And I was right.
The majority of my day to day life is structured.
We do attend the occasional play group.
I don’t own a van, but have seriously considered the option ( all that extra space, am I right?!)
But in my short time in the realm of parenthood I’ve noticed more noteworthy changes:
I’m braver. I fight through my own social anxieties and just go.
I take risks. Far from bored, I want to try all sorts of new things and have baby there for the ride.
I want to present her a varied, eclectic, enriched life filled with experiences that will carve her place in the world.
Now, more than ever, I value experiences over wealth.
I can’t resent that. I’m thankful.

I was all wrong about parenthood.

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