Tremblant, QC with baby

We recently visited Tremblant, QC for a family Thanksgiving. My parents rented a wonderful chalet just minutes from Tremblant village and the mountain.
We pilled in: 5 adults, 1 baby, 3 dogs of varying sizes. The house itself was perfect for our needs, although we did have to put Evey’s Pack and Play crib in the closet (with doors open, of course!) to make it fit.
We spent a morning in Tremblant village. There was some construction on the sidewalks that made it a bit narrow for the baby stroller, but otherwise accessible. Nothing beats the cool fall breeze and being surrounded by colourful trees at that time of year.
We had packed lots of sweaters, a warm jacket and tuque for Evey, and really glad we did!
The next day we went to Tremblant mountain for a visit, with the goal of taking the gondola to the top of the mountain and back. The views are spectacular. To our dismay, everyone had the same idea. We went searching for parking and ended up in a long chain of cars weaving into the country-side with intentions of finding a parking lot with vacancy. We were led to a lot a 20 min walk from the site, or a shuttle ride away. The lines for the shuttle were just as long as the walk, and the shuttles were being packed to the gills. So we figured we’d get some exercise in and walk the path. As my sister said ‘We have 2 feet and a heartbeat’, and off we went.

The walking path was paved all the way, and so very easy with the stroller. It was a beautiful walk and just long enough to warm up.
When we got to the bottom of the mountain it was time to change and feed Evey. We made a b-line for the info/rental centre. The main floor had a packed women’s washroom with a change table outside the washroom stalls at the end. I pushed past the line and made it to the table. It was quite crowded because the change table actually intervened with entry to two stalls, but I’m not picky and people were understanding.
After a quick diaper change, I headed out of the crowded bathroom in search of a place to nurse. No such luck. I saw one women very discretely nursing on one of the benches, so I took her cue and did the same a few meters away.
I can’t fully cover because Evey fusses, but I did put my jacket up near her face so she wasn’t distracted by all the commotion in the hall.
Feed over, we headed outside to meet the rest of the family. My mom purchased tickets for the large gondola ride to the summit at this location. She was told by the teller that Sunday of Thanksgiving is the busiest of the year, go figure! It certainly seemed like that, so we were prepared for the crowds.
While there is a small standing gondola to take you to the top of the village, that line was quite long so we decided to walk. My dad hates lines, and Evey has little patience for them, either, so walking suited us just fine.
Once past the village, we waited for about 20 minutes for the large gondola ride. There was lots of people watching to do here, and Chris took Evey out of the stroller half way through to play with her. We were happy to find our family fit in the gondola and we didn’t have to fold the umbrella stroller.
The views from the gondola, of course, are spectacular.


We saw many brave souls walking up the mountain. We were very glad to have the assistance of the gondola, but good for them! One guy was even carrying his baby without a baby carrier, already half way up the mountain.
Once at the summit, we went into the chalet for some coffee and treats. Pricey snack, but worth it after our trek. Evey started to get very tired, so I strapped her to me in the carrier and walked around. The summit is colder, of course, so the jackets and blankets came in handy.

Evey eventually fell asleep for our ride down the mountain (after a long line back to the gondola, of course).
We did some shopping in the village shops on our way out. The guys gave us 30 minutes to wander, which was enough because we were tired.
We then walked back to the cars (well, a couple of us hung back to catch a lift :p), and made it home in time to prepare thanksgiving dinner!
All in all it was a gorgeous weekend filled with family and quality time.
We love our Thanksgiving traditions.

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