For my Husband


5 Reasons I love you today.

Where to start.

We say “i love you” so often, but what exactly does it mean?

Where do these three words spoken aloud converge with your person?

When I say I love you, I mean:

I couldn’t live without your empathy. You support unconditionally.

I love your strength in everything you do. Everything.

Strength in adversity. Strength to overcome past hardships. Strength to protect both my body and my soul.

Your sense of loyalty, for good and bad, makes what we have so much stronger.

I love your sense of humour. When you let everything go and just crack jokes and tease, in your gentle way.

That’s 5 already, isn’t it? I’ve barely brushed the surface.

I haven’t even mentioned your creativity, your person-ability, your overall ability.

Or your unequivocal mastery of fatherhood.

But now when I say “I love you” you’ll begin to know exactly what I mean.

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