Why I Gave it All Up

We had it all.
The house, the cars, the white picket fence (figuratively).
We gave it up. All of it.
We sold our house, sold one of our cars, quit our jobs, said goodbye to most of our furniture.
I’d be lying if I said I don’t feel a loss. A decade of memories, a lifetime of friends made.
Of course these people and things aren’t lost for good, but certainly changed forever.
But it’s not as though these things were taken from us. We chose this.
We willed the sale of our home. We orchestrated this change, in the hopes for something better. Maybe even not better, but different.
My husband needs a career change. I need a change. And although there is so much we are sad to leave, there is a sense of pride.
We didn’t want to be tethered to a place. We never wanted to feel stuck.
We don’t want to feel we can’t do something because our location won’t permit it.
And so, we know we’ll have these things again some day : our own home, a second vehicle, more furniture. We enjoy these things, as materialistic as that is. But for right now, at this stage, we would like to go without. Prove to ourselves that, while we like those things, we don’t need them. We own them, they don’t own us. Our lives are not dictated by the things we possess.
That’s why we gave it all up, even just for a little while.

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