Packing for Thailand with baby

We leave for Thailand with our 7 month old baby tomorrow! We’ll be gone for nearly 2 months. It’s easy to overpack with a baby. Everything and the kitchen sink goes in, ‘just in case’.
However, we know they have babies in Thailand, so we’re trying to minimize what we bring, because we can always purchase there.
After studying what we believe we’ll need for the trip, I’ve accumulated our packing list. (In no particular order)

4 sets of outfits: laundry service is readily available in Thailand. We also figure that we can hand wash items, and that if we need more, there are babies (& hence, clothes) in Thailand, too! We’ll take 2 light dresses and 2 long sleeve shirts and pants.

2 sets of pj’s

– 1 warm sweater: for the plane and any chilly mornings or evenings (if those occur?)

– Long-sleeve bathingsuit: to cover baby from the strong sun rays!

Reusable swim diaper

2 Full-coverage hat: again, all those strong rays!


– Umbrella stroller: We went with a Summer Infant 3D Lite stroller. Super light and has a strap to carry it when the roads are too rocky, etc.

– UV stroller cover: again, Rays! Also doubles as a bug net


– Baby lifejacket: We have heard that boats will not have them in her size, and we also want it for swimming at the beaches. This will take up the most room in our luggage, but it is a priority for us

– 60 SPF baby Sunscreen: We’d like to make sure that baby is well protected, so we’ll bring our own. We’ve heard it’s alot more expensive in the tourist areas.

Travel Crib: we splurged on the Phil and Ted’s lightweight crib. It packs up super small and only weighs 6 lbs. It gives a safe place for baby to sleep under a mosquito net, and then we don’t have to share the bed 3 ways!

– Other: baby Tylenol, diarrhea meds, rehydration salts, baby wash (she has sensitive skin, so we’d rather bring our own), nail clippers, comb, small collection of diapers (we’ll buy more there), dehydrated baby wipes (again, sensitive skin, so we’d like to bring our own)

– Toys!: We’re going to bring a ziploc bag filled with small toys and books as distraction. Because distractions are always a good idea!

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