Adjusting to travel with baby

Travelling with baby is a whole other ball game.


We’ve been in Thailand just over a week now, and most of that time has been in beach towns so far.
Our schedule is very tight, and we stop for naps often (I could get used to this!).
When we miss naps, all hell breaks loose. Ok, not really, but we have experienced fits of epic proportions. It’s best for all of us if bouts of activity are followed by quiet time. That said, Evey has been a champ. The only thing really bringing her down now is the heat (38 degrees when we arrived in Kata last week!).
Due to the heat, we are playing with different modes of transport for the baby. Mornings we can get away with carrying her in the backpack baby carrier. Once the sun is truly blazing, though, it’s way too hot for that. Daytime and evening we use the stroller when we can, but there are so few sidewalks, and those that do exist are either narrow or too rough. So we play it by ear, but have gotten very strong carrying her around.


We’ve moved towns now, to the Southern most tip of Phuket: Rawai.
Rawai is notable for it’s Gypsy village (cool, right?!?) and gorgeous views of longtail boats and islands offshore.
We’re close enough to these islands that we’ll be able to do morning trips and be back for afternoon siestas.
It’s funny because this is the manner in which Chris and I usually sight see in hot climates anyway: morning activity followed by indoors for the hotest part of the day, then back out in the early evening when the temperature is more bearable for these cold-climate Canucks. So the fact that this is a required schedule for Evey doesn’t bother us one bit.

We’ve just checked into a gorgeous hotel called ‘the Title Resort’ right across from the Adaman sea. For $35/night we have a 1 bedroom mini-apartment complete with a kitchenette (not sure we’ll actually cook, but nice to have the option).


The 1 bedroom will be invaluable because we can put Evey to bed and still enjoy our evening out in the living room or balcony.
While backpackers can find much cheaper accommodations,  this is within our budget and with some amazing comforts for travel with the baby.


Loving our trip so far, including lots of breaks, food, loitering and people watching! Travelling with baby is awesome.

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