Inside voices, Evey.


Something interesting is happening to my child on this trip.
She is becoming remarkably more confident.
It could be developmental: she is learning new things like crawling, walking, talking. She is developing her personality.
But we’re seeing the changes in public. Our baby who was once selective about who she graced with a smile, now searches each stranger’s face for a welcome smile.
The troubling part is that with her confidence in public, she has found her voice. And, oh, she has found it!
When we go for breakfast,  she spends the meals ‘chatting’ with the waitresses in shrieks.
When parents come in with their children: forget about having them sit near us, because Evey will scream their head off.
We ‘shhh’ her. We try to distract her. We even cover her mouth occasionally,  when the shrieks are especially loud.
We try to explain ‘inside voices’, but to no avail.
At these times, she is happy and ‘talking’ is her way of showing it.
She loves to hear her own voice (ahem — I don’t know where she got that from).
With these 2 months in Thailand, we are so rarely in a place that she can be loud. Hotel room: someone might be sleeping. Restaurant: people are trying to enjoy a meal. Taxi: the driver has the right not to be shrieked at or distracted.
I feel badly for my developing girl. I don’t want her to be stifled, taught to be silent, only speak when spoken to. But isn’t there some happy medium?

Tomorrow we’ll go to the beach. And we’ll chat. We’ll scream. We’ll let out all that energy over the rush of the waves. And I think I’ll stop caring so much what others think in public places. My child is gaining her voice, she is exceedingly happy, and that’s what babies do.

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