Chiang Mai at daybreak


Evey woke up early this morning, around 6am.
Our hotel in Chiang Mai has thin walls, so I took the opportunity to get out of the room and let Chris (& the neighbours) sleep in.
Evey and I strolled the streets for a little while, visiting a temple before it opened. The cool morning air, with so few cars whizzing by made it a great time to be out. We wandered by shops that hadn’t yet opened, before their merchandise took over the sidewalk space. We saw some monks performing their morning prayers.
By 7am we were able to catch breakfast at our hotel. Evey flirted with all the waiters and properly greased up the table with toast-fingers.
After breakfast we continued our roaming. We visited yet another temple, this one the oldest in Chiang Mai. A monk opening the temple stopped to make faces at Evey. There were some women near the entrance to the temple who had basket-cages with birds in them. I stopped to show Evey. The birds were doves, 3 or 4 to a cage, and sparrows, 5 to a small cage. One of the women explained that for 100 baht, we could release the birds from 1 cage, and this symbolized good luck. I was immediately torn whether to buy them all so they could be freed from their tight quarters. It was already getting hot in the morning sun beating down on them. I knew, though, that paying would mean more birds would take their place, so I declined.
As we walked on, we found some quaint side streets with coffee shops, hostels and stores just opening up. As we passed, I relished in the peacefulness of the morning. Evey must have felt it too, because she fell asleep. So I found a little coffee shop, ordered an iced cappuccino,  and watched as the city came to life before my eyes.

This was by far the best way to start the day. I think I’ll try to do this every morning while we’re here!

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