Food Poisoning While Travelling with Baby

Well, we’ve finally done it. We’ve been travelling Thailand for 6 weeks and have only now gotten food poisoning. It’s surprising,  really. We’ve been almost foolish with our food choices. Once, in Rawai, Chris ate crocodile meat from a place by the sea that was in such poor shape, it was difficult to see the stove under the junk. Plus, there were no customers around, which is always a bad sign. Still, we haven’t gotten sick until now.
This time, we discovered a strip of restaurants on the beach, up from our hotel, in Railay. Little, open air places, but well attended and cheaper than the hotel restaurants. This place appeared to be even more credible as it advertised as a cooking school.
We were planning to have a large dinner, so we just ordered snacks: fresh spring rolls and 6 chicken wings. Both were quite spicy, so, thankfully, we didn’t feed any to Evey. I only managed to feed her some cucumber from the rolls.
As we went along our day, I gradually felt worse: growing headache, light fever. I chalked it up to my worsening cold, as I had been dealing with a runny nose and headaches for a couple of days. I was irritable, and Chris took care of Evey. By 8pm, I was completely sick. Evey woke up, needed nursing back to sleep. She really doesn’t go to sleep without nursing, so I had to work through that. At this point Chris felt fine, so he offered to go see if the pharmacy was open. I still thought I had the flu. Chris promised to help me the next morning by taking Evey and letting me sleep.
By 11 pm, though, Chris was sick too. And it went on all night. Neither of us could sleep. We tried our best to let Evey sleep. Food poisoning alone is horrible.  Turns out caring for a baby while both parents are suffering from food poisoning is pretty much the worst!
By morning, we dragged ourselves to breakfast,  hoping that toast would help settle our stomachs. We didn’t manage much, and our appetites didn’t really come back for 2 days.
We were fragile, feeling poorly, and dehydrated. However, we were happy above all that it didn’t happen to Evey. It would have been so much harder on her.
We were given the opportunity to be more strict about the types of foods we eat. Our need for food adventure extinguished for the time being! We head home in 4 days, so we will focus on being strong for that journey.

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