Heading home

We go home today, and I wish I could say it’s bitter sweet. In fact, we find ourselves very ready to go. It probably has a large part to do with having gotten colds, food poisoning and an overall exhausted feeling in this past week. Chris is still fighting the cold, and I can’t seem to kick my uneasy feeling with food. We’re sort of just hoping that this will be better in time for our trip home tomorrow morning. It’s going to be a long one!
But despite the exhaustion and illnesses, we can’t believe this adventure is almost over. We’ve had the special opportunity to travel slowly and get to know the places we visited. We got to know the areas, but also met all types of locals and tourists, to the point that we felt a little sad each time we had to say goodbye.
Travelling with baby introduced us to a different type of travel, as well. Evey opened conversations for us, and softened even the hardest looking people. We definitely got to see a different side of Thailand,  from the perspective of a parent. Yes, there were few sidewalks, and only about 30% of places had high chairs (maybe less). Yet it was still amazingly easy to travel with baby in Thailand. People here love babies, and take time out of their day to entertain them, fawn over them, and be generally accommodating. I’m not sure we could have done 6 weeks quite as easily anywhere else.

So as we pack-up and prepare for the grueling 20 hour flight home, we are satisfied and ready. Our wanderlust has been satiated for a while, I think. We look forward to our home comforts and enjoying Christmas with our family.

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