Playing Piano with Nana

What defines a memory for a child?
Is it just the things that the child can recount or remember?
I choose to think it also includes experiences, moments and activities of all kinds.
Like my child is a piece of dough that is kneaded, formed and sculpted with every touch.
Are we not all a result of the many years of experiences we’ve had, remembered clearly or not?
Why play with a child, if that toy will not be remembered?
Why chatter endless conversations with your toddler, answering ‘why? why? why?’, if those conversations won’t be saved into long term memory?
Why read that book, again and again, until you’ve saved it to memory?
Because, I think, experience and character is formed in many ways, and when you’re young, memory isn’t even the most important one.
How will your child know the world, and the people in it?

How does your child grow, learn, explore and experience, if not by a million tiny moments that are both immediately forgotten and yet remembered forever.

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