New Christmas Traditions

20161127_122742 I have a confession to make.

I LOVE Christmas.

I love most everything about it, from decorating, to baking, and most especially christmas music. One of the great things about having a young child in the house is the ability to enjoy christmas with the new, exciting fervour that makes the season so magical.

So yesterday we started a new christmas tradition. We went to a local farm and picked our own christmas tree. It is a wonderful tradition because, not only is cutting your own tree more environmentally-friendly than a plastic one (especially from a local, no pesticide tree farm!), but the entire experience is special. PLUS, we get to pick a tree in the middle of a field and make my husband saw it down and carry it for over 2 km. So, it’s a family affair 😉20161127_122813

Nothing beats that fresh pine smell and the endless pine needles lingering around the house until you have to drag the dead tree out of your house to be burned in the firepit next summer.

Here’s to a happy, healthy and tradition filled holiday season spent with family and the many  happy shrieks from delighted children.




Pitter patter

Pitter patter.
You’re running in your mind.
Your feet won’t stop moving, and you’re racing through time.
Falling is not your fear, as we hold you so steady.
The world becomes more finite, now that you can step across a room.
And yet your possibilities open
There’s no limit to where you might go.
Pitter patter. Pitter, patter.
Little feet taking big steps.
‘I want to run, mum’, I imagine you’d say.
We don’t tell you otherwise. You are running in your mind.
Pitter patter, little one.