There exists an alternate space in time that you only discover when you are a parent. A time where life speeds up. You literally blink for a second and find that your child has grown to twice her size.
‘How long have I been sleeping?’

Suddenly your time is not your own. Each month and year is invisibly marked BB (Before baby), or PB (Post Baby).

It’s like life sped up and you remained in one place, not feeling like you’ve aged.
But how can you not age, when this little human has grown so much?
Gaining aptitudes, personality, and attributes that literally did not exist 1 year ago.
As my baby ages, I continue to be baffled when I look at photos from this time last year.
‘Whoa. Where did that time go?’
How does a little person grow so much in so little time, and I didn’t even notice a thing?
2015 was a year totally and utterly consumed by this human.
Other things happened, sure, but they all ultimately came back to this one person. I carried, birthed, cared for and nursed her as my prime objective in life.
I will never have a year like this one again. With it’s pain, learning curves, worry and joy.

I’m not sure I’d want to relive it, exactly. But I wouldn’t mind if time would stop playing it’s silly games on me.

Baby jet lag


I may have underestimated Evey’s jet lag in my last post. We’ve been in Thailand for 2 nights. Chris and I have pretty much adjusted to the time, but Evey is still wanting to sleep all day long.
The first day we landed at 4 am local time. We dragged ourselves through immigration, Evey on the verge of a meltdown at every step.
We managed to get through, fetch local currency Baht’s from the ATM, and fetch our luggage. Then we tried to connect our phones with a traveller SIM card. Turns out our phones are locked to foreign SIMs so we may have to purchase a travel phone. Evey started to freak out, so we gave up.
Our hotel transfer didn’t seem to be there, and we had no idea how frequently it came, so we decided to take a cab.
They have a taxi system at the airport where you take a number and then take the cab at the area marked with your number. I wandered around outside with Evey while Chris lined up.
Within 20 minutes we had the cab.
We (shamefully) opted not to bring a carseat on this trip. The locals tend not to, so we figured we wouldn’t either. Needles to say, I white- knuckled it all the way to to hotel (maybe 10 min). Evey had a mini fit in the car while I held her on my lap.
She was fine when we got to the hotel. The concierge asked if he could take a photo of her, and she even managed a big smile. We headed up to our room, showered and went down for breakfast by 7am (8pm in Canada). She was happy through breakfast, even.
When we got back to the room, we all crashed until 4pm local time. We woke up, ordered room service, and went back to bed. Come 3am, we were all up.
Since then, our naps have been on Evey’s schedule. She is awake for an hour or so, then has a total fit and she goes down for another nap. She has slept pretty solidly the last 2 days, and we’ve let her! Her frustrated cries and grunts are not possible to ignore.
At night (which to be fair,  is daytime in Canada), Evey wakes up and wants to play for an hour before she wants to go to sleep. Again we let her. We kind of trade off who watches over her while the other snoozes. Building a fence out of our bodies around her on the bed.
We knew we had done nothing but sleep the last few days when we went down to request more water, coffee and toilet paper from the front desk.
The concierge looked at us and asked: ‘ how long have you been here?’
We responded ‘well, 3 nights, technically. But really, 2’
He said ‘Housekeeping brings those things each day’.
We laughed and said ‘Yes, but we haven’t really left the room long enough for them to come’.
He looked a little confused, but that’s fine. We got this hotel near the airport so that Evey could adjust to local time and so we didn’t feel obliged to sight see these first few days.
We are happy with that decision because Evey is adjusting much more slowly than us. She doesn’t understand why she is so tired all the time!

I fear I may have ruined her great sleep pattern we had going at home. It was so dependable! I’ll keep you posted whether she finds that rhythm again soon.